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I love all the visual extremes you have Markiplier go through and have all the background characters think he's crazy without any of them saying anything. Well done.

Oh come on, you go through the whole joke of Mario wanting Luigi shoes but there's no end pay off. Does Mario get them and is like "Yes now it is I who can a jump the highest." Or does Luigi knock him off yelling "NO SHOES FOR YOU!" Or does the lone gooma runs away with the shoes after Mario through them into the bush. You need some kind of ending or resolution.

I liked it. I'm glad you don't listen to all the haters and trolls. You be you my friend. You be you.

Also the ending really made me laugh. :D Good job.

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This is the kind of game that really gets you thinking. Go job. I also like the music.

I enjoyed the game however the only thing I would change is being able to shut off the sound effects but not the music. I like the music it gives a spooky atmosphere to the game but as you get more skeletons all you hear is "CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! " It gets kind of annoying.

Not bad. I enjoyed it. A bit short with no re-play value. I liked that you had a walk through because there was two times I got stuck.The music was nice too.

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Great job. I liked that you added background sound effects with the audio. Everything said is easily understood.

RiverK responds:

Thanks! Tab said he books a lot of his engineering work because people said they felt like they were really in the scene that way.

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Ok that got a laugh out of me. That is an interesting idea. Haven't though of that before.

Looks awesome. :) Somebodies been practicing drawing muscle structure. Great use of rule of thirds. Very cool idea making the pokeball a throne. Also I have to point out pikachu is adorable.

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